1TB Portable Hard Drive
1TB Portable Hard Drive
1TB Portable Hard Drive
1TB Portable Hard Drive
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1TB Portable Hard Drive

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Brand: Toshiba

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Having trouble deciding what external hard disk should I buy, Toshiba, WD or Seagate?


iFixApple having been in IT for 25+ years has spent a lot of time replacing drives and doing data recovery, having seen more than our fair share drive failures mostly seagate and WD we generally return the customers data on Toshiba drives if purchased from us, some of the best and most expensive drives out there like G-Technology and Lacie’s top drive use Hitachi/Toshiba inside their cases.

Toshiba drives are very good. In fact among 2.5" models I'd say they are the most reliable out there. Part of this has to do with their architecture and the fact that all adaptive information is stored in a ROM chip on the PCB rather than storing it on the platters like most other drives do. It makes them immune to most firmware issues which is a leading cause of failure with many models.


As to their 3.5" drives, most Toshiba desktop sized drives are actually HGST drives. HGST, though it is now owned by WD is built using Hitachi architecture and they are very solid drives. HGST is generally accepted to be the most reliable of the 3.5" models. So, by all means, Toshiba drives are great quality.


technology obviously changes all the time and there have been good and bad times? but in our opinion Hitachi/Toshiba have been the best overall and for this reason iFixApple use them in our very own servers by choice, This is why we have the confidence to sell them on our website, So is there any better reason you shouldn’t?


500GB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB versions are also available but iFixApple doesn’t want to be yet another typical shopping website, flooded with too many options and products making it very confusing for the customer to decide so we only select the most popular, reliable and best price products.