The Silver Surfer


Current statistics show that 91% of seniors over 65 years of age (and 64% of those aged between 50 and 64) have never used the Internet nor have the skills to do so . Considering how the Internet is becoming a fundamental tool in everyday life for shopping, booking travel and holidays, finding information and accessing government services, there is a need to ensure that the older person is not disadvantaged and excluded.



After having lots of positive feedback from customers which we have dealt with over the last few years, iFixApple has decided to offer reduced hourly rates for our silver surfer customers. So you can now relax and enjoy our helpful one to one computer training at your own pace.


Dont let computers frighten you

- If you don't know what a mouse is or how to use a keyboard

- Want to understand what the Internet is or how it works?

- Want to speak to family or friends around the world for FREE?

- Understand what WWW, emails and MP3s are

iFixApple can help you understand and get all your computer questions answered or problems solved.