Sales Grading

We do not sell grade D and E machines that we purchase as we only use these for parts.

New: product is “new” the box is sealed and has never been open. The product is complete and in perfect condition. Units come with a 12-month Warranty but may also in addition may include any remaining manufacturer’s extended warranty.


Open Box: product is “as new” however the box and seal will have been broken. The product may have been removed from its original packaging for testing and cleaning but will have been repacked with care.  The product is complete and in perfect condition and fully tested and functional. Open Box units come with a 12-month Warranty but may also include any remaining manufacturer’s warranty in addition.


Grade A: The device is very clean and tidy, with no visible scrapes and scratches with exception of maybe 1 very small surface scratch. It looks as good as new. All components are working correctly and there are no mechanical or cosmetic defects on the unit. This includes video, screen and audio quality. Generally arrives in its original packaging.


Grade B: The device is generally clean and unblemished, with allowances for small numbers of surface scratches on the bodywork, but not the screen or speakers. No digs or dents in the bodywork or casing.


Grade C: The device is not as clean as it was when new, and has a few surface scratches, with maybe one or two slight dents on the casing, none of which are causing any difficulties in using its functions. No screen or display damage permitted including scratches, nor any audio malfunctions.