Screen Replacement

If you have damaged your MacBook's screen or display then let iFixApple Help, we can get this fixed for you and able to supply New OEM displays, Refurbished authentic Apple displays which are significantly cheaper, or should you prefer we can supply and install new authentic Apple screens but this is at a far greater cost often making it questionable whether you should pay for it to be fixed or have the MacBook replaced.

Some of the issues you may be experiencing indicating the likely cause if a fault screen is;


MacBook Glass or Display is cracked


There are lines or Bars going across or down the screen

Fade to White

MacBook screen image is jumping or fading to white

Visible Ink

There are visible ink marks on the screen of your MacBook

Black Screen

MacBook Screen is Black but the Mac chimes.

The Caps lock key lights up when pressed and goes off when pressed again


Often the cases listed above the MacBook is still booting fine and a new screen will resolve the issue.


If the data is of importance and you don’t want to pay the cost to get the screen replaced, instead you intend to buy new again iFixApple can help, we can temporarily replace the display if required and recover your data for you.


So if your MacBook screen is cracked, broken or any symptoms above just contact iFixApple now for a free health check and quote.


Prices for a replacement screen vary depending on the model and year,