Home Security Device

  • • Have you ever wondered who or what is on your network and why sometimes it is running slow?

  • • Whether a family member is at home and what they are doing?

  • • Tired of telling the kids to get off the internet and come for dinner or goto bed?


then look no further, iFixApple have researched and tested MANY products. We have a solution for you.



The box that provides security & control for your connected devices & home internet set-up


KEEP YOUR INTERNET SAFE & SECURE: Automatically block intruders, hackers and unknown devices before they join your network. Get open port and network vulnerability alerts.

WATCH OVER YOUR FAMILY: Assign people to the devices on your network to know who's home and who's away with Digital Presence. You can also see unknown devices near your home using Digital Fence.

IMPROVE YOUR INTERNET EXPERIENCE: Automate internet service provider (ISP) speed test reports and analyse bandwidth usage by device. Schedule and pause internet access with parental control features.

CONNECT YOUR HOME WITH IFTTT: powerful presence detection technology uses your family's comings and goings to easily automate your favourite IFTTT-enabled devices and services including Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue and more.




What can it do?

From Internet troubleshooting to Network Security, there are a lot of helpful things that your this user friendly device can do.

fing-whos-at-home.png Create users for your family members and assign the devices they use like mobile phones, tablets, and computers, so that you can track who is at home and what devices are being used. Learn more about setting up presence detection
fing-get-alerted.png Get alerted about new devices that join your network. You can choose to ALLOW or BLOCK the device from the app. Learn more about new device alerts
fing-pause-the-internet.png  Pause your children’s devices with ease when it’s time for dinner, homework or at bedtime when you don't want them online. Pause any device on your network at any time and create schedules for Internet use by user. Learn more about Internet Pausing
fing-check-internet-speed.png Run an Internet speed test to set a benchmark for your home. When you run tests in the future you’ll be able to see if your connection is better or worse than before. Learn more about checking your internet speed
fing-check-wifi-speeds.png Run a Wi-Fi speed test right where you are. Then move around your home and run the test in different rooms to find the best spots for Wi-Fi in your home and discover Wi-Fi dead spots . Learn more about checking your Wi-Fi speed
fing-bandwidth-analysis.png Select the devices on your network which you think may be causing an internet slow down to discover who the culprit is. Learn more about Bandwidth Analysis
fing-digital-fence.png  See which devices are in the vicinity of your home and add devices to your watch list. Learn more about the Digital Fence
fing-digital-fence.png Run a Vulnerability test to discover opened ports on your network. Closed opened ports via UPnP directly from the app
fing-digital-fence.png WiFi Intrusion Detection alerts you in the event of a network hack or cyber attack. Get alerts about KRACK attacks, Man in the Middle Attacks and Evil Twin Access Point Attacks