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Why sell your used Mac to us?

Quick with your payment

Once your item arrives with us, we will assess your unit and aim to have your money sent to you within 48hrs. You can choose to receive it either by bank transfer or as a PayPal payment.

Data safety guarantee

iFixApple will gurantee your data does not end up in anyone else's hands, with use a minimum DOE compliant  3-Pass secure erase. This option erases the catalog entry and performs a 3-pass write to all data locations. The first two passes use random data; the third pass uses a known data pattern.

Safe & secure payment

Our website is safe and secure "as you can see from the padlock in your browser" we use secure protocols from the time you get a quote to the payment of your funds, quick, safe and secure all the way.

Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is to have you as a very satisfied customer, Should you not be 100% satisfied with our service we will return your item by courier the next working day.