Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Even if your computer just won’t start up, it does not mean you have lost all your data. iFixApple offer various levels of data recovery for your apple Mac and windows computers, in fact since 2004 between iFixApple and our recommended hard drive repair company we have had a 99% successful rate of data recovery and have saved many customers from having to close their business due to data loss or having to explain why they never backed up those irreplaceable baby & wedding photos etc.

Data Recovery does not have to cost a fortune

iFixApple's Data Recovery service is very reasonable. For only a £50 fixed price we will remove your drive from your faulty computer and if the drive is working we will fit it into a case of your choice (cases are an additional charge). If the drive is faulty we will supply you a quotation for the cost of repair AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE and we aim to keep the cost to a minimum, most cases being around just £295 and not in some case thousands as many other companies charge.

If iFixApple are unable to recover the data due to a more serious drive problem we will send the drive to our recommended company who have access to the latest state of the art equipment and will try to perform a non-destructive repair and replace platters, spindles, heads and circuit boards they also support all types of media including hard drives, RAID array, camera media and various forms of removable media, and what puts the icing on the cake is unlike most or our competitors they are MAC SPECIALISTS so no more sorry we do not support Mac.

Included in the £50 fixed price is

  •   FREE Advice and Consultation
  •   FREE Diagnostic Report
  •   FREE file listing of all recoverable data
  •   NO OBLIGATION fixed quote
  •   FREE DATA GUARANTEE – we will recover all recoverable data or no charge
  •   No Data, No Fee service
  •   FREE After-sales support


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