Buy Grading

Grade A: Your device is very clean and tidy, with no visible scrapes and scratches. It looks as good as new. All components are working correctly and there are no mechanical or cosmetic defects on the unit. This includes video, screen and audio quality.  To be in grade A condition we expect the item to arrive in its original packaging.


Grade B: The device is generally clean and unblemished, with allowances for small numbers of surface scratches on the bodywork, but not the screen or speakers. No dings or dents in the bodywork or casing.


Grade C: The device is not as clean as it was when new, and has a few surface scratches, with maybe one or two slight dents on the casing, none of which are causing any difficulties in using its functions. No screen or display damage permitted including scratches, nor any audio malfunctions.


Grade D: There are several scratches here and there, a few dings or dents on the casing, and slight screen or speaker damage (not smashed or bruised - scratches only), and speakers must ultimately be functioning.


Grade E: FAULTY. This grade is for damaged, unusable items including bruised screens, faulty logic boards, RAM, Hard drives, water damage, surface damage etc. This device does not work. It is still expected to be complete.  We do not offer on items that are iCloud locked.  We do not offer on items with smashed screens unless everything else is in working order.


Please Note


Please note that units sent in as 'Grade E' are expected to be complete. If you have removed any components, opened the device or attempted repair, please contact us beforehand as it may affect your quote.  iFixApple does not accept any items that are iCloud locked.  This is due to Security concerns.  If an item is sent to us that is iCloud locked and the customer can not unlock it, the customer has 14 days to collect the item otherwise it will be disposed of.  


If your device comes with a keyboard, it must be UK QWERTY. Any keyboards or devices received with any layout other than UK QWERTY will be subject to a deduction of £10 from any price quoted. Please bear this in mind when you accept your quote.


If you do not include a working, original charger with a laptop you are selling (NOT excluding faulty laptops) we will deduct £40 from the price that we quote for your device. This is despite the fact that chargers routinely cost more than £75.00.


For Grades A, B, C and D the device needs to be fully functional. If any part needs to be replaced or the device does not work at all then the price quoted for your device may change. If you think your device is in good cosmetic condition but faulty (partially or totally) and are unsure of what grade it is, please contact us. The device also needs to be complete with external power supply (where applicable). Where this is missing we will deduct the market rate for a replacement.


If you do not include a battery with your laptop or device, or the battery is found to be faulty (that is if it holds less than 20 minutes of charge) then we will deduct the market rate for a new battery from your quote. With devices described as Grade E this is not applicable.

All battery powered devices are expected to have a) the battery and b) the charger to be included. Should either or both of these items be missing we will deduct the market rate for a replacement. Failure to include these items may also increase the time taken to process your order as we are unable to test battery operated devices without a battery.

If your device is at all affected by cigarette smoke then your quote may be substantially altered upon receipt of the computer. This includes, but is not limited to; visible staining, smell of cigarette smoke, and internal components coated in tar from being subjected to a smoky environment. Please bear this in mind and feel free to ask any questions before accepting a quote.

Gadgets that have had parts replaced with Non-Original components may be treated as GRADE E due to the lower quality of third party replacement parts. Please bear this in mind if you are trading in a gadget with Third Party replacement parts.

Data Security

We take the security of your data very seriously and we will help you keep your personal data safe. Before shipping your Apple Mac to us there are a few important steps you must follow for your own security.

At this link Apple explain the process you should follow:


Whilst the security of your data is your responsibility, we do securely erase any information left on the device so it is important that you have a backup of any information you wish to keep.

This is because your data cannot be recovered by you or the new owner of your machine.

If you need help backing up your device please contact us and we will do our very best to help you.

Please remember you must;

1.      Back Up your data – you cannot get it back after.

2.      Sign out of iTunes

3.      Sign in and remove from iCloud

4.      Sign out of iMessage (OS X 10.8 or later)